75 degrees and sunny with a 100% chance of climbing.

I just spent 2 full days riding Pisgah all by my damn self. Sycamore hooked me up with a Stumpjumper with lots of moving parts and it was a fine thing. I blew myself up pretty good on Saturday trying to mash up every hill. Yesterday's ride was most rad with almost more gravel switchback climbing and more rocky ledgy singletrack than I could handle. I'll be back there in two weeks. I talked a co-worker into coming with me. These guys have it made down here.

I know that fitness is coming back when everything else starts to get a little bit fuzzy around the edges.


Greetings from La Quinta or gate C32 or a hotel treadmill or another Outback Steakhouse for Jesus' sake!

I left Bruker for a better job. We are moving to Shorewood in the early summer. Lots of work related travel lately so the bikes have been lonely after a sick and strange winter. March and April (most of April in North Carolina!) look promising for lots of bike time so I hope to salvage a season of some kind. I will try not to be such a stranger around here now that I can settle into some kind of rhythm. Much love.


Approaching the Thundersnow

I pushed myself to the edge of sanity last year (from what side?) with the unending bike cleaning, destruction of bike parts, and the serial ass busting. It might be time to change the winter program when one of the bikes hanging in the basement is named “Nanook”. Chasing down injured fur trappers over icy bike paths for 3 months is a sure way to burn out or crack your ass before the season even had a chance. This is how I tackled last year, so I should not have been surprised when my season was spiritually over by June’s closing.

From what I understand Madison is a bitchin’ place, (when the snow is flying) for a xc ski nerd to live. Given my winter training blues, my predisposition to be a nerd, and a lifelong quest to find all things bitchin’; it seemed natural to pick up some skis. For 100 bucks I scored a complete setup with new boots, beat-up waxless skis, and $10 bamboo poles. I haven’t been on xc skis since I was an 11 year old boy scout, but with this equipment and a pair of quilted blaze orange overalls…. Bring on the Thundersnow.


Brotherly Love

Front page news.

We aren't all faded liberal hippies here in Madison. We still have to stay alert. You never know when you might come across one of these sensitive but violent cyclists riding their high end time trail bikes around. In the snow. At night.

There is a hint of justice here though. Act like a condescending punk to another grown man, you risk getting put in a headlock in your own driveway.
You might be able to buy a light here if you make an appointment. Head down Willy Street and look for the smashed out windows.


Not as cool as meat underwear.

Local beer, bus, and some half assed CX racing. I've been playing the guitar a lot and thinking about 2009. I'm aim to have a season that lasts longer than 5 weeks next year. Keep it fun and consistent. That's about it.